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7 Celebration Ideas For Kids Diy Crafts

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We have wanted to share celebration ideas for kids, we recommented these ideas because they are really cheap, easy and charming. They affected us so we need have shared for you and obviously your kids.

1.Decor Ships

Celebration Ideas

They look so easy. right? You need just plastic cubs and pipettes

2.Napkin Holder With Legos

Lego Ideas

Materials; Legos an napkins 🙂

3.Biscuit Ornamental

Biscuit Fancy

Biscuit, Marshmallow

4.Fruit Plates

Fruit Plates

Fruit Plates

5.Jars With Ballons

Jar Decor

Jar Decor again 😀

6.Cute Cups

Cute Cups

Cute Cups

7.Paper Ships

Paper Ship

We started with a ship and let’s finish with a ship 🙂

So, what do you think ?