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How To Make a Canvas Painting With SeaShells

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Hello Diy Crafts Family! Who doesn’t like summers? Summers are perfects times for Diy Crafts with Seashells. Today We’re going to show and explain how to make a canvas painting with seashells.

It’s not summer but summer will be come surely! We’re giving place to a canvas painting or canvas table if you call which one, and the source is from a Youtube channel, you can see the post down. We are going to share with you materials and stages.

This Diy Ideas will be a good home decor for your home we think. Also it’s kind of 3d table 🙂

Home Decor With SeaShells

Home Decor With SeaShells

Diy Crafts With Seshells

Diy Crafts With Seshells


  1. Box Parts
  2. Glue
  3. Paints (Blue and white)
  4. Rope (optional)
  5. Scissors or Knife
  6. Seashells 🙂


I add the gallery underside. You can trace to the our gallery or the source include making videos if you’d like



So, what do you think ?